Tuesday, January 13, 2009

15 People All Archivists Must Follow on Twitter

UPDATE: 15 and counting. More names being added. See below.

Whether you are new to Twitter, or a veteran of the popular social networking and micro-blogging service, there is one thing that almost all of us at one time another focus on: finding and following people.

Like most social networking websites, the long-term value of Twitter is attained through participation and community. With Twitter, participation is easy. Open an account and send out your updates (or tweets) in 140 characters or less. To find and follow people (community) who share your interests and from whom you can learn, personally and professionally, however, is a little more difficult, as it is not always clear on Twitter what are people's professional identities or interests.

To remedy the situation, I have done some digging around. Inspired by Darren Rowse, who started a timely blog aimed at Twitter beginners called Twitip, I have collected a list of fifteen people all archivists must follow.

If you are an archivist or interested in archives and archival issues, these fifteen people should become part of your follow list.

9. @amycsc 
11. @caturday 

Do you have other Twitter people to suggest? Send me a tweet at @dkemper or to @archivesopen! Want to get started with Twitter, sign up here.

UPDATE (13/01/2009)

@souslapoussiere - French/English

UPDATE (14/01/2009)

UPDATE (15/01/2009)

UPDATE (24/01/2009)


Russell James said...

How about @russelldjames ???

Anonymous said...

That's quite a nice compliment. Thank you!

iblee said...

Funny. I just spoke to a student today about this over email. We're meeting on Friday. I sent him the link to this post.

Kind regards,
TTW Contributor.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the shout-out.

David Kemper said...

@ Russell - Added your name to the this. Since your Twitter feed is protected, followers must make a request to follow you.

@ Merrilee - Hopefully this will help people on Twitter with a shared interest in archives connect with each other.

@ iblee Lee, keep me posted on how the meeting went. Say hello to Michael over at TTW. Best.

@ ADR - You're welcome!

Everyone: Feel free to send me more names. They don't necessarily have to be all archivists - but if they add value to your thinking about archives, let me know.

Anonymous said...

hmmph! How could I not make the cut?!?

george said...

Hi there archivists. I've recently become interested in digital archiving as an extension of my background in design and web technology. One thought I had for your twitter group would be to designate and use a common unique hashtag on all of your archive-related posts. That way all the relevant posts can be brought up by searching for the hashtag or by incorporating their RSS feed into your blog, website or reader.

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