Monday, May 30, 2005

digitalpermanence: Transfer and Access Protocols document available

The McGill University Archives has written a discussion document called digitalpermanence: Transfer and Access Protocols (electronic records) [PDF, 337KB] in an effort to develop the procedures for the transfer of and access to McGill University's institutional electronic records.

This document, which took shape after the University Archives’ electronic records campus-wide inventory in 2004, introduces McGill stakeholders, as well as a general audience, to the proposed strategies, methods, and mechanisms for transferring, accessing, managing and preserving electronic records in a digital environment at McGill. It also highlights the activities the McGill University Archives is pursuing in managing and preserving such electronic records as email and websites.

Moreover, the document is meant to build upon the existing research carried out by institutions and organizations around the world involved in managing electronic records and, in turn, to stimulate discussion within the records management and archival communities. Download the document now.

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