Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Remembering our Veterans

One of the last (and perhaps most gratifying) projects I worked on before I resigned from McGill was a physical and virtual exhibit on McGill students and staff who served during the Second World War, a project that coincided nicely with 2005's "Year of the Veteran" in Canada.

The project culminated on November 11, 2005, Remembrance Day, when a moment of silence was observed and the exhibit revealed, both online and inside McGill's famous Arts Building.

I wrote a brief announcement (a few weeks later, it seems) about that day's events. The virtual exhibit, meanwhile, is still available online.

All that to say, today, I heard on the news (courtesy of CJAD radio) that the Quebec Government will rename a major Montreal highway to "Remembrance Highway" in honour of our veterans' service and sacrifice. Awesome!

Quebec Government is renaming Highway 20 to Rememberance Highway

If you're heading home to the West island right now there's a good chance you're taking "Autoroute du Souvenir."

What the heck is "Remembrance Highway" you ask?

It's what Highway 20 used to be called.

The Quebec Government is renaming Highway 20 between the Turcot yards and the Ontario border in honour of our veterans.

The Quebec Provincial Command of the Royal Canadian Legion says they've been fighting for the change.

The name change is immediate but no word on when the new signs will go up.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Interesting People, Interesting Blogs (Part 4)

I found yet another noteworthy blog. File Formats Blog is a blog by Gary McGath, a Digital Library Software Engineer at Harvard University Libraries. His blog focuses on "news and comments about technical issues relating to file formats, file validation, and archival software."

If you are interested in the digital preservation of file formats and examining solutions that will (hopefully) stand the test of time, then this is a blog for you.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Interesting People, Interesting Blogs (Part 3)

I came across yet another interesting blog; it is called "Annoyed Librarian." According to its author, the Annoyed Librarian blog "satirizes librarians, librarianship, and the ALA [American Library Association]."

This blog is by far one of the most witty, sharp, acidic, satirical--and essentially politically-incorrect--blogs about librarianship that I have ever come across.

The writer is clearly articulate and systematic in her (the writer is female) critique of the field of librarianship. Everything from library school and MLS degrees to job postings and salaries are examined in a tongue-in-cheek but ultimately brutal manner.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

What's up with Blogger?

I know this may sound as though I am biting the hand that feeds me (or, rather, make that, the provider that allows me to blog), but I find that Blogger has been plagued by problems lately.

Last night I was unable to save some changes I made to my blog's settings. That problem, thankfully, was resolved this morning. Meanwhile, I cannot use the BlogThis! feature when I come across an interesting article, new items, or whatever that coincides with my research for this blog or for archivius. And there have been other issues as well, mainly dealing with blog publishing problems.

One valuable website to keep in mind is Blogger Status - it keeps bloggers up to date on problems, fixes, and other maintenance issue occurring in Blogger land.

Another valuable resource is Blogger Forum - a forum for bloggers, specifically Blogger users.

I don't know if Blogger intends on buying new servers or what, but I certainly think a thorough review of the system is in order.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Blog Power: My Job Search

Since March of this year, right after my departure from McGill, I have been trying to secure a sense of direction--a sense of mission--for both my career as well as for The DIGITAL Archive. I have been thinking about both of them, and came to the conclusion that perhaps both could benefit from each other.

Therefore, I will endeavor to test the power of the blog.

I hereby make my intentions known to my readers: I am looking for employment. Yes, a full time library/archives/information center job. Sounds nuts, this approach. But, why not.

Here are my 3 main assets (a more detailed list can be read on my resume):
  1. I have a professional master's degree (MLIS)
  2. IT skills, with a focus on web design
  3. 5 years work experience in a large university library and archive
Furthermore, I worked on several cutting-edge projects in the realm of digitization and digital preservation (please see my resume).

I covered several important and emerging areas during my tenure such digital asset management, records management and digital content policies (please see my resume).

I increased the visibility of my department by creating an aesthetically-pleasing, engaging, and comprehensive web presence (please visit the website I designed and managed at McGill to gain a clearer picture).

In each case, I brought to my role and my areas of responsibility dedication and, in all honesty, I real sense of innovation, of thinking differently in the face of old problems and new challenges (please see my resume).

Bottom line is: I'm looking for an opportunity to contribute meaningfully and learn.

So is everyone else, right? Well, that's why I'm testing the power of the blog. I don't know how many readers I have. Maybe I only have one constant reader. According to my little ClustrMap widget down on the left column, I have visitors--potentially readers--from North America and across the globe. Maybe someone knows someone who knows someone who is, say, working in a college or university, and is looking to hire a qualified person with the skills I have.


This is an experiment. So let's give it a go.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Thinkfree: Freedom to Office anywhere?

On a wet rainy day like this (at least in this part of the Canadian woods), I am glad I came across a new Web gem (via Will Richardson's Weblogg-ed): it's called Thinkfree.

According to the company's website, "ThinkFree is the leader in next-generation productivity solutions for platform independent, anytime, anywhere-computing. ThinkFree usability extends beyond PCs and is perfect for Internet-connected devices, including thin client and mobile computing platforms."

The company also explains that its online software can create 100% compatible Microsoft Office documents.

Besides that, it appears that you can add documents to your blogs and append your Flickr images to your documents as well. Cool.

I haven't registered yet. I'll will give it a try soon. But, in the meantime, if you do register, let me know what you think.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Blog editor tool for Firefox

I am always interested in testing and using new software. Case in point: Performancing, a Firefox extension that allows bloggers to post directly to their blog from their Firefox browser.

Well, let's give it a try.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday Fun: Korean Scientists Develop Female Android

From the Korea Times (yes, I read 'em all), this perfect Friday afternoon story (at least for a sf/futurist guy like me):

Korean Scientists Develop Female Android

about the author

I am an information professional, researcher, and writer with over eight years experience in the information services field with experience in information and communication technology.

I have a B.A. in History and a Master's in Library and Information Studies and working on a Web and Multimedia Design certificate.

I believe that empowering people with information can enrich lives and transform the world.