Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It's wet, it's icy, it's a mess!

From time to time, The DIGITAL Archive is affected by things beyond its control. Today, the weather is the culprit.

Late last night, the island of Montreal--no stranger to strange weather--experienced freezing rain, straight rain, and then more freezing rain. Taken together (and add in a mix of little or no street salting or cleaning), and Wednesday morning started off on a rather slippery note.

So I am writing this post from the comfort of my warm and dry abode.

Photo: This house's roof has a patch of snow encased in a layer of ice.

UPDATE: The weather continues to be, in the words of mostly all radio announcers on both English radio stations (CJAD, CINW) in Montreal, absolutely miserable.

UPDATE 2: The streets surrounding McGill University are closed due to icy conditions and flooding. The campus is located at the base of Mont Royal. Flooding + Archives = Not Good

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