Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wrapping up

In the past 5 and a half years at McGill, I have certainly accumulated a vast amount of notes, paperwork, folders, files, not to mention megabytes upon megabytes of electronic files (Word docs, HTML files, PDF, Photoshop PSD, etc, etc).

And now it's time to put some final order to them all.

Most of the paperwork--my hand-written notes, web page printouts, article printouts, draft and final reports--relate to digitalpermanence, McGill's e-records management and preservation initiative. In flipping the folders and countless pages, I believe that we--the University Archives--covered a lot of territory, most of which was the 'great unknown' to us all at the time.

A quick glance at my folders reveal the areas covered:
  • Email management (best practices)
  • Email conversion to long-term file format (tests with sample inboxes)
  • Electronic records transfer and access protocols (report)
  • Enterprise-wide digital imaging (scanning) standards (report)
  • Web archiving snapshot tool (application developed)
  • Courseware information management and preservation (research)
  • Institutional repositories information management and preservation (research)
  • Strategies in digital preservation (research)
Besides this, there is the University Archives website I designed and maintained, plus virtual exhibits and web content I created over the years. They'll need some documentation, I suspect.

Back to the wrap up...

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