Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Time for some R and R

I noticed that I have not been posting much lately.

Perhaps there's not a lot to say at the moment. Perhaps the DIGITAL Archive is undergoing some growing pains (the DIGITAL Archive was a project-based blog, detailing a specific project I once worked on while employed in the McGill University Archives).

Maybe that could be the reason.

Or perhaps it's just a slow news day, as they say in the journalism business.

Well, rather than filling this space with, well, filler, I think I will take some time to off - a break from the blogosphere.

Actually, make that a break from blogging - I will still find time to read other people's blogs since I find those I subscribe to interesting and informative.

Also, there is still work to be done: the medical library website re-design project continues. As well as my on-going job search.

It's been touch and go--the job search, that is--since March 3, 2006, the day I ended my time at McGill. Not sure why it's been so rough. It's been tough enough that I often wonder and question my future in the archival/library/information field. As far as I am concerned, librarianship is a difficult field to enter, a tough nut to crack.

Although I feel a little discouraged, I nonetheless hate ending a post on a negative note.

It's Spring out there, folks. The sun stays out longer, the grass is getting greener - at least in this part of the Western hemisphere.

Time to take some r&r: a little rest and relaxation.

Surely, summer--and brighter days--is right around the corner.

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