Saturday, May 27, 2006

What's up with Blogger?

I know this may sound as though I am biting the hand that feeds me (or, rather, make that, the provider that allows me to blog), but I find that Blogger has been plagued by problems lately.

Last night I was unable to save some changes I made to my blog's settings. That problem, thankfully, was resolved this morning. Meanwhile, I cannot use the BlogThis! feature when I come across an interesting article, new items, or whatever that coincides with my research for this blog or for archivius. And there have been other issues as well, mainly dealing with blog publishing problems.

One valuable website to keep in mind is Blogger Status - it keeps bloggers up to date on problems, fixes, and other maintenance issue occurring in Blogger land.

Another valuable resource is Blogger Forum - a forum for bloggers, specifically Blogger users.

I don't know if Blogger intends on buying new servers or what, but I certainly think a thorough review of the system is in order.

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