Friday, December 29, 2006

Between Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I was rather tied up these past few days, not unusual for this time of the year, but more so because I was following up on some last minute job leads. It is strange, but sometimes even the day before the holidays, some activity on the job front starts stirring. As usual, I have no idea where this new round of job leads will take me - a job offer or back to the drawing board.

Since being out of action, that is, out of the archives field and work environment, I have had to decrease the number of archives-related postings to just a very, very few. I'm sure this is understandable. But on the flip side I am certainly grateful to the numerous bloggers out there posting about their experiences in archives, digitization, and the web. It really is an exciting period, and I suspect 2007 will be more so as more people come on broad and more innovation is introduced and more collaboration is born.

Whether unemployment has gotten to my brain or my creative survival instincts have kicked in, I am busy Photoshopping - yes, the act of using Adobe's fabulous image-editing program, Photoshop, to create surreal images. I am making some images available on Flickr.

Good Luck, Dear Readers. I hope 2007 will be a happy, healthy, and prosperous year!

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