Sunday, April 15, 2007

Nor'easter, Work, MP3 R.I.P.

"Rain drops keep falling on my head..."

What an appropriate song for the weekend. Since Friday the weather in Washington, DC, has steadily become more cloudy and rainy. Today, Sunday, for instance, it is raining very hard. Not much one can do outside in such wet, miserable weather.

The weather system is in fact part of a much larger storm system that is pushing north east. A Nor'easter, as the locals call it, should bring heavy downpours, possible flooding to low-lying areas, and maybe even snow to my family and friends in south eastern Quebec and the Ottawa Valley.


"X-Files..." at Work

When I started working at my new job in DC I was eager to blog about it. Initially, I set up a code of conduct in which I decided not to blog about specific projects but rather general, big picture items that I felt were in certain cases related to my professional and personal interests in the web, web content delivering, and web technologies. (I believe I can continue to do this, but read on below.)

But as I begin to move deeper into my projects, even after only one month on the job, the level of confidentiality and security are increasing to the point that if I blog about something even in the abstract I may jeopardize the overall goals of the work I have been contracted to perform.

I wish I did not have to impose these restrictions - after all, through blogging, I can express comments and ideas that stir more ideas in my head and enables me to connect with others with similar interests or work - but this is the nature of the work.

I will continue to report periodically about work; and once the veil of confidentiality and secrecy are lifted (that is, once the projects move into the public domain, as they ultimately will) I should be able to blog in more detail.

There is more to add. But I will leave that until I feel more able to express them.

"MP3 R.I.P."

I read with a tear in my eye the passing of Ed's mp3 player. You see I have a similar mp3 player right beside me - it's red (the only color Wal-Mart had in stock), has 512MB, and fills up faster than a ship with a cracked hull, especially since I became hooked on podcasts. Signs of age are creeping in: Battery latch is broken, resulting in me using Scotch tape to keep the AAA battery in place. Update: Ed is now the proud owner of an 30GB iPod. I'll be reading closely his experiences with his new iPod.

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