Monday, September 17, 2007

O.J. 13 Years Later....

This morning, upon switching on my computer, I headed over to the celebrity gossip website (okay, okay, forgive me, it's Monday morning, all right).

Lo and behold, who do I see: O.J. Simpson's latest mugshot, this one taken after his arrest in Las Vegas, Nevada over his alleged attempted robbery at gunpoint, no less, of his own sports memorabilia from a private sports collector.

The story is more clearly elucidated on But, for me, the important part was two-fold:

1. It's like deja vu

2. It was 13 years ago when O.J. made his first sensational running-from-the-law media splash

13 years ago. Back then, I was just about to start university, just about to start my B.A. in History major, just about to embark on a new journey. My God. Time flies. What have I accomplished? What have I done with my time? Earlier this month, on September 11, the U.S. marked the sixth anniversary of 9/11. 6 years already.

Do these types of anniversaries and events put your life into perspective?


french panic said...

yes... and no. usually they just make me feel old.

dkemper said...

For me, I am in denial or disbelief, or most likely both. I cannot believe time passes so quickly.

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