Friday, October 19, 2007

So Far Away From Blogsville

Where were you?

For those wondering where I have been, why the silence on the blog front, the reason is simple: I was and continue to be very, very busy at work. It is hard to believe, but I am almost 8 months into my projects, and I am simply attempting to wrap up one of them. This is the nature of archival work; things take a long, long time to complete. I am not particularly fond of this because I find my attention wanes roughly six months into any given project.

What were those two Jott blog posts all about?

I had a meeting last week (or was it two weeks ago?) with a colleague who works with advanced technologies; he determines their business value, analyzes their potential, and dispenses recommendations and cautions as to how the institution should proceed with them. Lately, his focus has been on Web-based technologies such as blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, mashups, collaboration, social networking, etc.

During the course of the meeting he mentioned Jott, a free service that allows subscribers to call a toll-free number and send messages to yourself, to groups, teams, or even to Twitter or your blog. The magic is that Jott transforms your spoken word into text. My description is probably not doing justice, so go check out this page.

What do you want to do with your life?

I wanna rock. I WANT TO ROCK. No, wait, wrong answer. It's no secret that I am still looking for that elusive dream job. But while reading David Lee King's latest blog post, I think I am homing in on what I'd like to do. As a Librarian and Digital Branch Manager, David's list of work activities reads like a dream job:
  • attended a meeting about progress with Second Life projects
  • attended a meeting about the upcoming election year and content possibilities with the Digital Branch (ie., blogs, community sharing, partnerships, etc)
  • created a draft document of digital branch content and staffing guidelines and emailed it out to our guidelines group for review
  • drooled over the library’s new iPod Touch - the last of our Techie ToyBox goodies to arrive!

If I shared with you my daily work activities, I would probably lose my readership (yes, all two of you), so I will not.

If your daily work activities are similar to mine, or if you're lucky enough that they resemble David Lee King's, let me know either way.

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