Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Interesting People, Interesting Blogs (Part 11)

Here we are, together again, for yet another installment of our much beloved blog post series "Interesting People, Interesting Blogs," a place where we highlight a website that has caught the critical and unflinching eye of the author of this blog. Together, we made it to Part 11.

For this installment, I have chosen a blog originating from Scotland, UK. (Yes, I read 'em all!) The blog is called Web Watching for Archivists and is written by Kiara King, an assistant records manager. According to her 'about this blog' section:

This blog has been set up principally to support a presentation that I will give in August at the Society of Archivist's conference on the subject of Web 2.0 and archivists. I wanted a place where I could bring together the different examples that I will refer to in my talk so that it can act as a 'repository' for these examples and allow easy reference back to them in the future. I hope it can be used as a showcase for the best examples of archives and archivists using Web 2.0 today.

While her blog started life as a presentation and has been a little quiet lately (a recent blog post, however, confirms, she is still active), I feel her focus on Archives 2.0 is something more of us in the community should know exists. And I hope by showcasing her here, she will continue to blog and add her voice to the blogosphere. Ms. King also embedded a short PowerPoint presentation, which I have embedded below.

Archives 2.0

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Anonymous said...

Hi David,

Thanks a million for the namecheck. I've pulled my finger out this week and posted some more items.

I'm beginning to think there'll be life in the blog even though the presentation is over as I keep finding more examples of Web 2.0 and archives to talk about.

David Kemper said...

Hi Kiara,

You're welcome. Please do continue blogging. The archivist/blogger community is small but growing, with many voices sounding off. I particularly like the Web 2.0 perspective. Good luck!

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