Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday / Sunday Slide: BBtv Interviews the (other) Digital Archivist

Boing Boing, the technology and tech culture blog, recently interviewed a human rights digital archivist on its sister video website Boing Boing TV (BBtv, for short).

Popular tech writer Xeni Jardin interviewed WITNESS.ORG's Grace Lile, the human rights' organization's digital archivist in charge of organizing and preserving institutional and user-submitted human rights videos and images.

I mention this piece because I was surprised and pleased to see such an influential blog as Boing Boing mention the importance and necessity of a digital archivist in our digital information age. 

Moreover, I was equally surprised and pleased to hear Ms. Lile talk about raising awareness about human rights issues and its history; engaging the public; and soliciting the public to participate online by submitting stories and videos to Hub, an experimental website designed to be a "global platform for human rights media and action."

UPDATE: Grace Lile added a comment and provided the URL to WITNESS' Media Archive Blog.

Thanks, Grace. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Hi David,
Thanks for posting and blogging the boing boing video. For more info about the WITNESS Archive and what we're up to, we blog at cheers,

David Kemper said...

Hi Grace,
Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

In the video with BBtv, I was really impressed with the words you used to describe the nature of your work, particularly when you spoke about raising awareness, engaging the public, and requesting submissions from the public such as videos or images concerning human rights. All great community-building stuff.

Thanks for providing the URL to WITNESS' Media Archive Blog.

Best of luck.

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