Friday, January 30, 2009

The Friday Abstract: Not So Abstract

Unlike the standard friday abstracts, where I entertain my readers with a bit of the bizarre, I will break with friday abstract tradition this once and bring you an update not so abstract in nature.

Today marks my second full week at my new job. While McGill University remains a familiar environment, having worked there previously, much has changed, at least much as changed in regards to what I have been assigned to do.

I'll save the details about work for another blog post - as soon as I make the time to sit my butt on a chair and command the guy in my head that does most of the heavy word lifting to start hammering a few more words to form a coherent blog post.

If you follow me on Twitter (if not, here I am @dkemper), you have probably noticed a slight slowdown in tweets, which I guess you all know is to be expected. However, unlike other times, when work so radically altered my scheduling I barely blogged regularly, this time I shall endeavour to make the time to maintain an active and consistent online and social networking voice.

Ironically, I have been very active with my Archives*Open Twitter feed (if you're still not following Archives*Open on Twitter, now is your chance, @archivesopen). As I mentioned in a previous blog post (Holy Twitter Tweets, Batman!), I am rethinking the future direction of the Archives*Open blog. I am not yet sure how to proceed.

To that end, I am still working diligently on the Archives*Open Twitter feed, tapping into the power of search and RSS feeds to automatically send archives-related news, articles and blog posts through Archives*Open's Twitter feed.

I am also participating in other ways. I am monitoring the Archives*Open Twitter page when I get the chance and connecting with more archivists and records managers on Twitter. The number of connections being formed and the rise of community is wonderfully surprising to me. I love it when archivists get together and tweet! You guys and gals are awesome!

Well lookee here. I never expected to write a whole bunch. But dog gone it, I just did.

Perhaps the little guy in my head who does all the heavy word lifting is more ready than I thought.

For now, thank God it's Friday. TGIF.

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