Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Blogger for Word works...sort of (Off Topic)

Using Blogger for Word worked OK. I still have to figure out some functions (or maybe Google ought to clarify its tool a little)….and figure out why I receive an error message yet my message still posts here - in draft mode.

Anyone else blogging using this tool?


Jill Hurst-Wahl said...

I've tried it, but actually still use the Blogger normal interface. I kept running into problems like Blogger not wanting to accept a post from Blogger for Word (similar to the problem you had). And...I always have a browser open, but don't always have Word open, so it is easier to pop into my browser so I can post something.

dkemper said...

I agree. Blogger for Word is a neat little tool - in a way, it offers a preview of things to come from Google. For now, though, I'll stick to the Web interface.

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