Thursday, August 24, 2006

Yaaay! The DIGITAL Archive is no longer a spam blog!

For several months, The DIGITAL Archive was considered by Blogger's spam sniffers a spam blog. As a result, I had to deal with a CAPTCHA security feature whenever I would post to this blog.

This week I decided to extricate myself from this predicament by requesting that Blogger review my blog and have it removed from its spam blog list.

The Blogger Team emailed me this morning, notifying me of what I had already suspected: that The DIGITAL Archive was not in fact a spam blog.

Good riddance to CAPTCHA rubbish!


Anonymous said...

My blog was called a spam blog today. They say a blog with links to the same site is a spam blog.

Thats true for my blog but I don't think that makes it spam. Each post links to a different page on on my website. I'm using blogger so people can comment on the various pages on my website.

I'll make this an anonymous comment, wouldn't want anyone to think its a spam comment.

Anonymous said...

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