Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lightning Strikes Back!

Montreal has been under high heat and high humidity levels for the past several days. Last night, those hot conditions slammed into a cold front, producing a violent thunderstorm the likes of which I have not seen (or heard) in a long time.

Like something alien in the distance, the ominous and sickly-looking black clouds moved across the sky, flashing lightning and sometimes shooting a few jagged bolts down to Earth.

Once the storm reached us, the rain and wind picked until the rain itself began to blow diagonally, sometimes horizontally, and the trees were whipped into a twisting and swaying dance.

The storm eventually past. Nature had run its course, perpetually moving ahead in its slow, detached but knowing way. There was quiet once again. More so for those who had lost power...and the hum of fans and air-conditioners.

I heard this morning that several hundred thousand people had no power. To be without power--without a fan or air-conditioner--on this hot and humid day....God help us.

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