Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Interesting People, Interesting Blogs (Part 6)

In this installment of my long-running series, I found a blog called ArchivesNext. It is a blog that focuses on "what's next" for the archival field - how can new web technologies (Web 2.0) transform archives and access to archives collections.

I have not read the blog in its entirety, but I am very encouraged by its About this Blog page.

This blog will attempt to identify what might be “next” for archival institutions by:

1) Exploring Web 2.0 applications and discussing their applicability to archival institutions.

2) Identifying existing innovative uses of web technology in archives and related fields.

3) Discussing how applicable the existing archival business model is in the current and emerging information environment, and proposing modifications or a whole new model.

4) Hopefully engaging readers in a dialog about these issues–I am by no means an expert in any of these areas. I am learning and hopefully some of the four or five people who read this blog will share with me and the other readers what they know or raise questions. I can’t be the one interested in this.

5) Probably doing some other stuff as well.

Please do pay ArchivesNext a visit.


Special K. said...

Hi David,

Glad you found my blog and like it! I've been reading yours for a while. I understand the situation that you're in about not writing about your day-to-day work. I don't even feel all that comfortable writing about the projects I used to work on. But there's enough going on out there for all of us to write about, I think, without bringing in specifics about our current (or former) projects.

You should take a look at the comment I just got from "Thomas" on the "The Discussion Continues" thread on my blog--I think you might have something to say back to him.

Hope you like DC--enjoy it before it gets unbearably hot in a few months.



David Kemper said...

Thanks, Kate. Yes, I enjoy checking out your blog. I believe there is some shift occurring in the archival field or perhaps an awakening of sorts about the need to examine how technology can support archival work and improve access and visibility of archival materials.

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