Friday, June 08, 2007

As The World Sizzles

With the weather being so hot and humid in Washington, I added a temporary weather feed to The DIGITAL Archive. It appears on the right, above the "about" graphic.

That got me wondering about weather websites and weather RSS feeds. There are so many choices out there. Which one do you visit or subscribe to?


js said...

i use yahoo! widgets on my dekstop. not sure which service it connects to.

David Kemper said...

Yahoo! Widgets is good - I have it installed on my desktop. On my notebook, however, packaged with Microsoft Vista, is a weather widget, plus third-party product by Weather Bug.

As for the blog, I have found the following:

National Weather Service (NWS)
Weather Channel
Weather Underground

All offer very good weather information, but only the Weather Channel and RSSWeather offer RSS feeds.

Thanks for your comment!

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