Monday, June 18, 2007

Demos, Weekend Travels, Week Ahead

For the past couple of weeks, I have been organizing archives management software product demos, coordinating time and date and other details with vendors (most of which were overseas - so I had to factor in time zone differences as well).

Last week Thursday, I held the final product demo, and I was relieved that it was the final one. Overall, I believe I provided the team here--including myself; I really have no experience with these complex systems--with a better sense of the solutions available to archives. Now comes the evaluation phase.

This weekend was more business than pleasure. I sort of separate weekends into two categories: business and pleasure (with some blending now and then). Well this weekend was business - not much business accomplished, however, as I found myself wandering the streets of DC looking for this and that and not finding a single thing! Very frustrating. I eventually made my way across the Potomac to Arlington County, Virginia, where the sights and sounds of large-scale shopping malls beckoned.

This week at work I have to start planning my next steps now that the product demos have been completed. One of my main goals is to assess team reaction to the demos using an evaluation form I composed based on standard evaluation forms used widely around here. I also have to work collaboratively with team members on making the case to spend budget dollars on a new archives management system.

The weather is heating up once again to oven-like temperatures. Heat and humidity will be present for the next few days until Wednesday when a cold front will cool things down.

Time to kickstart the A/C!

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