Monday, April 28, 2008

Brush with Washington Famous, Part 5

Since this installement of the hugely popular and successful Brush with Washington Famous took place shortly before I moved from Washington, DC, this is indeed the final Brush with Washington Famous episode. Yes, I know. All good things must come to an end.

So who did I encounter this time? Which famous Washington personality did I bump into on the street corner or in the grocery store line?

Like the encounter I had with ex-Alberta premier Ralph Klein, this personality was not Washingtonian per se, but he happened to be passing through the neighborhood, to say the least.

I saw His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI inside his white Popemobile ride down Pennsylvania Avenue amidst a crowd of the cheering faithful and curious onlookers surrounded by a motorcade of security trucks and police cruisers and motocycles.

It was an intense and unique moment seeing the Shepherd of a billion Catholics wave to the crowd from his customized, bullet-proof windowed Mercedes Benz.

Well, what a way to end this entire series. The Pope, no less!

Until next time!

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