Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sugar, We're Going Up

A week ago today, I took a flight from Washington, DC, back to the familiar plains of the North, leaving behind the U.S. capital after 13 months of living and working in the city by the Potomac river.

It was a touch difficult to leave; afterall, 13 months in a city, some form of connection or even affection begins to take root and mature.

But as the Air Canada plane soared above the electric green National Mall and its stunning monuments and the behemoth Pentagon over there in Arlington County, Virginia, I waved farewell to the city that had become my home away from home.

To avoid stumbling into any further cliches, I'll leave it at that since I figure most of you reading--yes, the two of you--probably know the feeling.

Back now on Canadian soil, I am not sure what the future holds. As usual. But perhaps when the future seems unclear or blurry, it is best to enjoy and be grateful for the present. And that is what I will, or at least try to, do.

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