Friday, May 02, 2008

Survey Says...What is your employment status?

Using Blogger's Poll/Survey widget, I created a brief survey that I hope some of my readers, specifically the librarians and archivists out there, will answer. The survey is located on the top-right corner of this blog. It's very easy to use. I'll keep it running for a week.

Basically, I created this survey because I wanted to ask the powers that be at the American Library Association (ALA) and Library School Administrators across North America why so many recent graduates and not-so-recent graduates in library and information studies end up toiling in contractual positions for years without a single permanent position on the horizon. Additionally, why does it seem as though only a few people in this profession have permanent positions, like an oligarchy?

Since I am seeking facts, I want to know what is the employment status of the librarians and archivists among the readership of this blog? The choices are presented in the survey widget. Feel free to leave comments, too.

This survey is as scientific as unscientific surveys can be. Tell your friends and fellow bloggers about it.


Heidi said...

I am a part-time archivist. I couldn't fit myself into any of the survey options, as I have a permanent position, but no benefits.

Anonymous said...

I am a "nearly full-time" archivist in what would be considered a permanent position, but with no benefits.

David Kemper said...

In many ways, the survey I created has some flaws or rather gaps, such as the employment status that both you respectively have.

The archives field has many flavors, I guess: Part-time permanent, almost full-time but no benefits.

All very interesting.

Thanks for taking the time. Feel free to add more comments.

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