Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quick Update

As I ponder the possible reasons why Scientology ads are appearing on The DIGITAL Archive (Google Adsense=FAIL?), I want to tell everyone that I am working on a few new blog posts that should be published later this week.

In the interim, follow me on Twitter and FriendFeed; the first is the popular (but long-suffering) micro-blogging service, which I use for status updates, the other lifestreaming aggregator, which I use to post items I find online and share among the growing community of FriendFeed users. There are also lively discussions on FriendFeed.

As more people participate in FriendFeed, the more diverse and interesting the topics and comments get. So, by all means, join in!


Anonymous said...

Love twitter for the reason you said, status update. I like to know what folks are doing and if I have questions, I generally follow up on friendfeed which allows for more indepth discussions. Both are great tools and I like that they can be integrated into my other social networking sites like facebook.

David Kemper said...

Working together, Twitter and FriendFeed are awesome. I still like Twitter, fail whale or no fail whale, because I'm connecting with many familiar faces. FriendFeed is good for discussions. I only wish the FriendFeed user base will diversify and expand. Too many early adopters talking tech news and such. The more voices, the better the value, IMHO.

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