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This is where I test the power (and limits) of blog publishing. By publishing a portfolio in such a manner, I am certain I am not doing justice to what I have done professionally over the years.

But this is essentially what Web 2.0 is all about: exploration, experimentation, discovery.

Information Management / Information Technology

At the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in Washington, DC, I coordinated the evaluation and selection of a new archives management system together with the staff of the IMF Archives.
  • Responsibilities: Needs analysis, system requirements, documentation, presentation, vendor meetings, software demos; evaluation and selection process; procurement; staff training; initial implementation plans;
  • Organization: I worked with the Head Archivist, IT Advisor, Reference Archivists, and a team of 15 processing archivist;
  • Actions: Performed needs analysis, edited systems requirements documentation; scheduled vendor meetings, software demos; scheduled staff training, and coordinated with technologists on the implementation of system
  • Results: IMF Archives purchased a new archives management system to optimize staff processing activities and to provide better researcher access to collections

Also at the IMF, I was responsible for the design and implementation of a new digitization workflow for a $1 million digitization project to digitize and make available on the Web historical IMF member country files. My responsibilities involved revising scanning standards, quality control methods, and the material selection, preparation and transportation of documents to an off-site facility.

Meanwhile, at McGill University, I conducted research on behalf of the University Archives on electronic records management and digital preservation (the digitalpermanence project), producing a final report and presenting findings at an international archives conference (ICA-SUV 2005)

Web Design and Content Development

St. John Fisher Parish, Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada

Montreal General Hospital Medical Library

Montreal General Hospital Nurses’ Library

McGill University Archives, “The Journal of William E. Logan, 1845-1846

McGill University History Portal

McGill University Archives “The History and Tradition Installation, 1823-2003

McGill University Archives department website

GARM local archivist organization


The DIGITAL Archive blog: Between 2004-2006, chronicled project progress; 2007 to present, a personal blog that reports on digital technology, with a focus on the Web, new media, digitization, digital preservation, and news (and views) related to information professionals in libraries and archives. blog: From February 2006 to present, aggregates news by and about archivists with a focus on digitization and digital preservation

Archives*Open blog: A blog about archives, access, community and the Web focusing on how archivists and other professionals in the field are using technology in innovative ways to provide the public with better access to archival materials.


“The Web needs Information Professionals: Are Information Professionals Ready?” AALL Spectrum 6 : 32, 36.


"Managing and Preserving Electronic Records at McGill University: The digitalpermanence initiative.” ICA/SUV. East Lansing, Michigan, September 6-9, 2005. Available online at

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