Friday, November 07, 2008

The Friday Astract: Guitar Hero Conference Jam

"I swear, this is the last one," wrote my anonymous source, who has been viewing and transcribing those flashy new Archivist ads filmed in the "Get a Mac" style. "The creative team behind the ads have run out of ideas. They're back to their day jobs."

Well, thank God for that.

This ad is titled "The Guitar Hero Conference Jam." Isn't Guitar Hero that popular video game where gamers twang virtual guitar controllers in sync with their favourite rock 'n roll songs?

Geez...I do not like where this is going.

Librarian Dude: Hello, I’m a Librarian.

Archivist Guy: And I’m an Archivist. What a minute, Librarian, what’s with all those suitcases and vendor logo covered tote bags? Are you going on a trip?

LD: Yeah, I’m headed to the airport. I’m attending a few conferences.

AG: What? Conferences? W-what kind of conferences?

LD: Oh, I’ll be checking out the Internet conference, the Web Users conference, the Podcasters conference, then I’ll be attending a conference online in Second Life—that should be awesome—and later on in the evening, we’ll be jamming with Guitar Hero at the County Public Library.

AG: Jamming at the County Public Library

LD: You know, Archivist, you should really come.

AG: Oh, no, I can’t. Awfully busy. You know, backlog, that sort of thing.

LD: That’s all right, next time. Hey, Archivist, you heading somewhere right now, maybe you could give me a hand with these…

AG: Sorry, Librarian, but I have a very big--VERY BIG--meeting with the Administration.

LD: Oh, meeting – what’s it about?

AG: The usual: Asking for funding to preserve and digitize historically significant private papers.

LD: Ouch. Good luck. Well, I'm off.

AG: [Whispers] I hope you encounter plenty of turbulence.

LD: Come again?

AG: Oh, I said, I hope you have a momentous journey.

[Fade to black]

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