Friday, November 21, 2008

The Friday Abstract: Taking a Sabbatical

In the past couple of weeks, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and contributing to the wonderful discussion and debate on Archives 2.0. To all those who participated, whether you agreed enthusiastically, disagreed vehemently, or simply silently considered the ideas, I tip my virtual hat to you all.


Because two years ago, when there were only a few voices out in the digital wilderness talking about archives, technology and future trends, none of this kind of vigorous discussion would have taken place.

I think we should all--yes, all of us--tap ourselves on the shoulder.

That said, while I remain enthusiastic about Web 2.0's impact on archives and hopeful that something truly positive and transformational can occur, I realize, personally, that I have been 'out of the game' (okay, out of work, really, but 'out of the game' sounds more, well, more sportive) and I must get back into the game, hunker down, and move forward, if not only for sanity's sake but also for adding meaningful words and thoughts to the discourse with a calm and discerning mind.

Between finding employment and blogging, I have to honestly side with finding employment, especially in these econo-lyptic days.

I will take a break from blogging, but will continue micro-blogging over at Twitter.

I am also working on a new blog. A few of you, by accident perhaps, may have already come across it. My intentions are not to keep it a secret for much longer; but once it is securely settled, I will provide more details.

In the meantime, I am posting a Top 5 list of popular posts and a Top 5 list of not so popular posts from The DIGITAL Archive's archives based on Google's metrics.

Top 5 posts:

Top 5 not so popular posts (but still good reads, I think):

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned!

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