Sunday, July 30, 2006

Coming and Going

It appears that my Alma mater at the McGill Graduate School of Library and Information Studies are looking for a Professional Associate to teach a graduate-level course ("Web Design and Management") and to maintain the School's IT lab.

I know the person who has held on to this position for the past couple of years, and I am pleased to hear that he is moving on. On a personal note, this person also helped me land my first LIS-related job at the McGill University Archives.

In other news--good news, thankfully--I almost fell out of my computer chair when I read that Ed Bilodeau will be moving to Ottawa, Ontario, with his wife-to-be Nathalie, to work as a Web Administrator at Carleton University. Congratulations, Ed! That's great news!

I know a few faithful readers out there may be wondering: "That is great news - but what about you, O Great DIGITAL Archive blogger? How are things on the job search front?"

Nothing much new to report.

But I will tell you the honest truth: The more positive news I read from fellow bloggers, the more clearer the path ahead looks to me in terms of career direction, relocation plans, and so on. The good news makes it no less easy in solving problems, of course, but somehow it gives a new perspective to resolving them.

In the meantime, I am almost finished with the hospital libraries' website re-design project. In a few weeks time, I hope to post a URL to them once they are placed on a production server.

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