Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Get a Life! A Second Life!

After reading about it, after seeing people interviewed on television about it, I decided to take the plunge. I opened up an account on Second Life, the online virtual world that has a million+ subscribers abuzz with excitement. Make that a million and one, myself included.

Second Life is a fun, engaging, social game / experience. In a nutshell, you open a free account (paid accounts are available), download the client software, create your online persona (avatar) and then begin exploring the 3-D detailed landscapes, sonically-rich environments that fellow Second Life members have created. There are plenty of opportunities to interact with others and even buy and sell goods using the game's currency called Linden dollars (which can be purchased with US dollars. Not sure if Canadian currency is accepted yet). And that's just your first five minutes in world. There is more, much more.

A broadband connection is a must, and so is a well-equipped computer (PC or Mac). The Second Life download web page offers more information on specifications.

A word of caution: The world of Second Life, like reality, has its share of mature and questionable material. Proceed carefully and use good judgement.

Another word of caution: Second Life is highly addictive. Be sure to take breaks. And be sure to make time for real life (like job searching, ahem).

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