Saturday, November 04, 2006

Squirl: My Little (online) Archive

Do you collect stuff? I collect stuff, and I have one rather bizarre collection of items that I bet you wouldn't guess what they are in a million years. Okay, I'll give you a few minutes...Give up?

I collect old transit passes. Yes, transit passes. You know, those flimsy plastic cards that one uses to board the bus, the metro (subway for non-Montrealer readers), and commuter trains.

Since 1995 I've been collecting these things. So what should I do with them in light of the Social Web 2.0? Let them be known on a website called Squirl.

I was contacted by John McGrath, creator of Squirl, who described his website project as "a personal archiving tool." Essentially, Squirl is doing for collectors what Flickr is doing for amateur and professional photographers. It's giving people a chance to share the stuff they collect with others and thus creating a community of like-minded collectors. Sounds fun.

Perhaps there is life for my old transit passes after all.

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