Sunday, November 12, 2006

Job Interview

Tomorrow afternoon, I have a job interview with a university located in the United States. I haven't had many--perhaps only one, if I recall correctly--interviews with universities south of the border, so this is sort of an extra added bonus of nerves for me. I suppose the interview process should be similar to Canadian procedures.

Anyway, the position sounds interesting enough, and seems to fit within my background and area of experience. We'll see, and I'll keep you, DA Reader, fully updated.

It's no surprise that, with the imminent conclusion of my current web project, the pressure is on to land another job. But this time around I want to feel enthusiastic and energized about any new position I apply to. Not just applying for a job, but a real step forward to securing a career, a vertical move rather than a horizontal one. I believe after all these years of casual, contract, and part-time contract work, it's time to let this MLIS degree take flight.

Speaking of librarian folk looking for work, I came across Young Librarian, a blog written by Katie, an under-30 recent MLIS grad looking for work. Good insights for those who are unemployed or employed but actively seeking a better job in this field.


Anonymous said...

It can take years of these awful temporary positions before letting an MLIS "take flight." I've been at it about 5 years. Nothing but unemployment, contracts, and internships.

If I can keep this up for another 11 years, a shortage of librarians will happen (which was supposed to happen now) and I'll be able to find a job. Or that's what the ALA says.

-another unemployed librarian

David Kemper said...


I know what you mean. It has taken years for me as well. I've hearing about the so-called librarian shortage for 5 years now, and I still see no librarian--not one--retiring yet!

Good Luck.

vishnuprasath said...

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