Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blogging Directions

I apologize to my readers for not posting anything new in the past few weeks, weeks that have been filled with several project deadlines.

The good news is that many of the documents and reports I helped prepare and write were accepted by senior management. Judging by the positive, almost gleeful reaction of supervisors and colleagues to this news, I believe I achieved a milestone.

I honestly wish I could blog more about the work I am undertaking at the moment, but so much of the work is confidential in nature. I also wish I could blog more about research on digital preservation and recent findings I am discovering, but that particular research project has been put on hold, so there is very little to say other than the consultants we had in mind were all very competent.

As I have discussed in previous posts, where I debated and discussed the role this blog would perform in chronicling my work, I am still wondering how best to utilize this blog without jeopardizing the sensitive nature of the work I am doing. I do not see myself resolving this matter any time soon.

Part of being a researcher in any field, be it archives, libraries or history, is to share findings and therefore build upon existing knowledge in the field. And in an “Archives 2.0” age—forgive me if you are sick of two-point-oh wordisms—that sharing also means connecting and collaborating with other like-minded professionals through blogs, for example. But unfortunately for now at least I cannot discuss much.

So, to summarize:

In terms of posts related to work, there will not be many, if any at all.
In terms of posts related to the evolving role of archives and archivists in this Web / Digital Age, there will be more posts of that nature. In terms of posts related to my own personal journey and transition to other areas of information management, there will be just about the same amount.

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