Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fourth of July, My Work, My Webcam, NDIIPP Report

Fourth of July
The institution where I work let us out of the office early today because of the Fourth of July holiday tomorrow. But before I left, I managed to submit a few work-related documents and an important memo that will set in motion one big project. A good way to start a holiday, I say. Something accomplished. I feel good about that.

My Work
Interestingly, I find myself, once again, not really doing the "archives-thing," if you know what I mean. Rather than processing or reference work, I am putting my research and writing skills to more use, this time around focusing on project planning and strategies and business documents. For long-time readers of The DIGITAL Archive, this is not so much of a surprise, because my work in the Archives has really been of the non-traditional kind. Web, software, hardware, research, writing.

It's experiences like this that lead me to believe that, while I can appreciate libraries and archives, I really do not know if I should call myself a red-blooded archivist. To be honest--and to paraphrase historian and digital preservation pioneer Dr. David Kirsch--I am neither a librarian or archivist, but someone who cares about these cultural centers and will use his skills (web, writing) to make others aware and care for these places.

My Webcam
Over the weekend, I bought a Creative Live! Cam Notebook Pro webcam. The webcam is fine, not outstanding, but offers sufficient clarity to broadcast live video. It cost me $19.99 ($20.99 with tax, unbelievable). Worth it.

I opened a ustream.tv account to test the broadcast quality of the video stream. Actually, as I write this post, I am broadcasting live on ustream.tv! Okay, let's see, number of viewers. Zero. Oh. I see. Well, Internet stardom is not at hand, I guess.

I apologize for not writing a report on last week's NDIIPP event on digital preservation. I will get to it. Soon.

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