Thursday, July 19, 2007

Future of Archivists

There is a link making its rounds around the librarian-blogosphere that features interviews with prominent librarians such as Michael Stephens, David Lee King, and Meredith Farkas, among others. They discuss the future of librarians, with many referencing advances in communication and collaboration technologies as catalysts for radical change.

I wonder if the author of this piece would consider talking to archivists and ask them what does the future hold for archivists and archives?

What would we say if such an interview were held?

Librarians seem to basking in a lot of online sunlight lately. With The New York Times piece on librarians being hip (okay, I thought the article was a crock, honestly, something to do with clothing style, rather than professionals being hip, I dunno, I was confused) and now this discussion on the future of librarians, they are enjoying some good exposure.

I think it is time we archivists--whatever stripe you are, hipster, expert, casual, lone wolf--start being heard as well.

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