Monday, February 11, 2008

Potomac Primary Fever

I have Potomac Primary Fever. Never heard of it? Let me explain the symptoms:
  • Strong urges to vote in U.S. primary;
  • Increase in viewing 24hr cable news networks;
  • Uncharacteristic shouting and pumping of fist when viewing candidate rallies and speeches;
  • Enhanced ability to remember campaign slogans;
  • Uncontrollable blurting out of "I'm John McCain and I approve this message; I'm Hillary Clinton and I approve this message; I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message"
The illness, thankfully, is non-life threatening but it does interfere with small talk at parties or conversations with other sufferers.

The treatment, it seems, is the opportunity and ability to vote. But, alas, as a foreign national living and working in the Washington, DC area, I am not allowed by law to vote. Therefore, I must suffer, and sit and watch the evening news broadcasts, follow the daily and sometimes hourly polls, and wait and wait until delegates of both parties, Democrat and Republican, figure out who they will send into the jungle and bloodsport known as the the Presidential Campaign.

If you are suffering with this fever, do what I do and check out The Washington Post's very comprehensive Campaign 2008 website, with RSS feeds for each candidate, among other Web 2.0 thingys!

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