Friday, February 01, 2008

Since You Asked...

A few people emailed me about my recent use of videos on The DIGITAL Archive. Well, actually, no one emailed me, but I think it is appropriate to talk a little more about the videos, or more specifically the video streaming services available online that I used.

Everyone knows about Youtube. I have a YouTube account and from time to time I upload a video or two.

However, I recently came across a new service called Viddler, which is like YouTube but without the clutter of copyright material. So far. Yes, for now, Viddler remains in a pure state: community-created content only.

But what really stands out for me in Viddler is the feature to comment on videos at specific frames along the video's timeline. One can post a text comment or video comment. A discreet overlay appears with either a text comment or video comment. Pretty neat. Plus, there is even an opportunity to monetize one's videos. Besides text and video comments, ads can appear as well. Like or hate it, ads on online content are hear to stay.

If interested, give Viddler a try.

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