Friday, February 08, 2008

A Twitter Tragedy?

I have TwitBin, a Mozilla Firefox add-on that allows me to view and post 'tweets' to Twitter. It is very convenient, and tucks nicely inside my browser window.

This morning, however, I encountered this error message: "Unfortunately you've exceeded Twitter's maximum hourly requests.Please check back in a bit."


UPDATE: It looks like Twitter limits the number of times per hour one can make requests to the system. And, during moments of Twitter maintenance, no requests can be made. So it was not TwitBin's fault. Thanks Brian Breslin!!


Brian Breslin said...

Unfortunately twitter only allows a fixed amount (70) of requests per person per hour. Sometimes when their API is broken, or they are fixing their site, they block all external twitter clients, and we get that error. Unfortunately we can't do much about it.
thanks for installing it though!

Jill Hurst-Wahl said...

BTW I'm jahurst on Twitter. Who are you? Are we already following each other?

dkemper said...


Thanks for the update and information on TwitBin and Twitter.

dkemper said...


Great to hear from you again. So glad you dropped by. Yes, I am using Twitter. I am following you now. Stay in touch.


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