Thursday, June 19, 2008

4 Steps to Building an Online Profile

As more users participate in the social web, partaking in social networks for personal and often professional reasons, I think it is important to write a simple, practical, and representational online profile, particularly if users are seeking to attract new clients or potential employers.

The following are guidelines I developed to help you compose an online profile. To remember them quickly, think "The 4 F's": FORMAL, FACTS, FUNCTIONS, and FUN.

Let's start!

1) FORMAL: State who you are, in either first or third person, using either your current job title or your professional title, giving some emphasis to your area of speciality. Briefly.

For example:

I am an electronic records manager, focusing on managing digitized records and enterprise resource planning data;


Robert Grant is an electronic records consultant, supporting clients transition from paper to digital records

2) FACTS: State your educational qualifications and work experience. Briefly.

For example:

I have a B.A. in History, B.Sc. in Computer Science, and a Master of Library and Information Studies, with 4 years work experience in an educational institution and a medical library

3) FUNCTIONS: State what you have done in those years of education and work experience. Briefly.

For example:

I designed and implemented a new taxonomy and trained staff and senior administration;


Robert Grant has re-designed several websites, improving navigation and content accessibility, and making these websites the hub of information delivery

4) FUN: Express your personality using the most succinct and passionate words that describe you, while explaining how these qualities enrich your work. Ask family, friends, professors, employers (past and present), if necessary.

For example:

I am a creative, innovative, and team-oriented individual, whose passion for people, technology and libraries direct my decisions and work ethic.

Use The 4 Fs wisely, and add your own uniqueness to them, and I am certain your online profile will get noticed.

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