Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Job Search: Interview Questions

In the course of searching for employment, there comes a time (or, if you're fortunate, several times) when one is called in for a job interview. In a job interview one or two staff members, or perhaps even a large committee, sits you, the applicant, down in a room and asks you some fairly standard questions about yourself, your skills, your strengths and weaknesses in addition to your past achievements and future plans.

With preparation and practice, one can become very confident in answering these questions honestly and positively.

However, one part of the questioning that often disrupts my flow is the one where the interviewers ask me if I have any questions.

Naturally, the applicant should ask about salary, benefits, vacation time, etc. But this, I believe, should come a little later. First, there must be some clarifications concerning the job itself.

After some brainstorming, I've developed a few questions that could be asked of the interviewer. Send me your comments if you have additions.

1) What is/are the main role(s) and responsibilities of the position?

2) Describe for me a typical day for the person in this position?

3) What are the primary and secondary goals and objectives of this position?

4) What is the budget for projects, such as hardware and software?

5) What is the budget for attending conferences, workshops, etc (i.e. learning opportunities)?
UPDATE: Via Michael Stephen's Tame the Web blog, I found an interesting article in Library Journal written by Michael Casey and Michael Stephens. It is about finding a library job that fits your values. Whether you are contemplating a library or a factory, the article brings up some good points. I am glad the authors mention the importance for library administrators to promote staff development, among other things. Please do read the article.


french panic said...

There are a whack of interviewee questions listed by Ye Olde Annoyed Librarian's commenters -- there's some good stuff - here's the link!

career said...

I remember that on one of the interviews I also asked about how they're going to check the results of my work. If some additional skills apart from those I'm supposed to posses when employed may appear necessary during the working process.

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