Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vincent Cerf Gets It!

From the Special Library Association (SLA) conference, being held in Seattle from June 15-18, reports that Vincent Cerf, Google's Vice-President, expressed concern over the state of digital preservation.

In an interview with Charlie Rose held at the SLA Conference, Cerf said "he’s deeply concerned about digital preservation and the 'born digital' challenge; he hopes to avoid a 'bit pile' of inaccessible, extinct content and urged companies to open up development for digital preservation applications."

Vincent Cerf gets it!

Will companies, organizations, institutions and hard-headed, stubborn senior admin types also get it?

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Anonymous said...

Open up? We'd be happy to. Just this week we released version 4.2 of our Xena software for digital preservation. It's Free and Open Source and yours to do with as you wish within the terms of GPL2:

Michael Carden
Digital Preservation
National Archives of Australia

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