Monday, August 18, 2008

Environmental Factors

I spent a week visiting family and friends in Canada's largest city, Toronto. I had a good time seeing new places, doing new activities, and, more importantly, gaining a new perspective or outlook on matters, perhaps one of the best benefits of taking a vacation. Like all vacations, however, they are not long enough.

For those familiar with Canadian cities, there has been a long rivalry between Toronto and Montreal, with each city claiming to have the best in everything from businesses and sports teams to restaurants and night life.

Truth be told: Toronto is a powerhouse of a city filled with busy busy people. Montreal on the other hand is laid back with what the French call a 'joie de vivre' - an enjoyment of life and life's pleasures.

Take your pick. Which city would you prefer?

Sometimes I wonder if one's environment--neighborhood, town, city--affects (negatively or positively) one's success in life?

Something to ponder, I suppose.

Since I am barely able to type out this sentence (brain is drained, I think), I reckon it is best to say that I hope to write more once my brain recovers from vacation mode.

In the interim, I hope you're enjoying your summer!

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