Thursday, August 07, 2008

Singapore Bound

Yes, it can now be revealed, I, no no....wait....

I received an email from a good friend and fellow library school graduate a few weeks ago in which he told me he had accepted a Cataloguing/Metadata Librarian position. That's great, I thought. I must admit, however, I was a little puzzled by the news since he had only two years earlier accepted a similar position at a very prestigious university in California.

He told me the position was in Singapore. I thought I read the email incorrectly. Nope, I read correctly, it's Singapore.

Originally from Hong Kong, this move from California to Singapore would be for him and his wife more of a coming home, or at least closer to the region and the people they are most familiar with.

He will start in late August as Cataloguing/Metadata Librarian at Singapore Management University Library. After visiting the university website and library site, think about how the world is changing, how through technology, the world is truly becoming a more connected place.

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