Thursday, August 07, 2008

Postscript to Why I Blog

I want to thank both new and long time readers for stopping by and reading and commenting on the three-part series on why I blog. When the idea came to write on this topic, I was seeing in my mind the post growing longer and longer, because I saw several stories surfacing that needed telling. This is gonna be too long, I figured.

Unsure on how to proceed, I arrived, unexpectedly, on a website article called "How to write for new media" on a blog called thePuckWrites. In the article, the author advises writers of blogs and new media to follow a few simple guidelines, including breaking down long posts into a series. Voila!

In short, I wrote this 'long blog post' to shed an objective light, and perhaps derive some insights, on a peculiar work experience. Presently, the situation remains in flux, full of unknowns, and marked with further inward reflection. The act of blogging, however, is action. Positive action.


thePuck said...

I'm glad you found my post helpful! Many people in the changing online landscape run into problems figuring out how to make their voice heard, especially with the vast numbers of blogs out there. I'm really glad I could help you to do that.

dkemper said...

Once again, thanks for sharing the information with us bloggers. These are indeed times of change, and while writing essentially remains the same, the delivery via blogs requires some new thinking. You blog and your advice clearly helped me. Keep up the great work.

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