Friday, October 17, 2008

The Friday Abstract: Those New Archivist Ads

Have you seen those new archivist ads circulating the Web? Me neither. But a kind reader has, and she sent me a transcript. The ad is apparently a funny spoof of the popular Apple ads that feature a ‘cool’ Mac guy and a ‘grumpy’ PC guy. With that image in mind, here is the transcript.

Librarian Dude: Hi, I’m a librarian.

Archivist Guy: Hi, I’m an archivist.

LD: Hey, Archivist, why do you look so gloomy?

AG: Well, you know, Librarian. Everyone is talking about you guys. I mean, you librarians are everywhere nowadays. On TV. On posters. And especially on the Web with all your fancy blogs and wikis. Us archivists, meanwhile, we’re busy, well, archiving.

LD: Well, actually, there are plenty of great archivist blogs out there—

AG: Please don’t patronize me, Librarian. No pun intended. We both have the same degree, right. We both serve the public. [Librarian nods in agreement] But somehow, somewhere down the line, one of us got the short end of the stick.

LD: Now I don’t think that’s necessarily true—

AG: Oh, please, Librarian. I read the blogs. I see what some of your more eminent colleagues are doing. You have librarians playing video games in public libraries, doing creative, fun activities; while others write cool dissertations on Second Life and the benefits of blogging, and worse still you have an anonymous librarian—God, anonymity, I hate it—writing the most popular library blog in the history Library Journal, that prestigious magazine of yours.

LD: Whoa! Archivist, you need to calm down. Your blood pressure. You should really—

AG: No, no Librarian. You won’t tell me what to do! I already know what I do.

LD: Really important stuff, I bet.


[Awkward silence]

AG: Phew…I think I better head back to the basement now. Bye, Librarian.

LD: Just watch your first--


LD: --step

[Fade to black]

Wait a minute! I've been had!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this! It's funny because so much of it is true...

David Kemper said...

Thanks, Heather. Glad you enjoyed it.

Russell James said...

A little esoteric, but true in many cases, though I believe there is more to the difference than the skit shows. Perhaps this could be worked up into some sort of conference presentation or other?

David Kemper said...

It is esoteric and surreal with a dash of hyperbole and a pinch of cynicism. Just a pinch. But taken as a whole, I hope amusing.

I like the idea of making this into a conference presentation - or maybe a YouTube video!

I hear our intrepid transcriber is hard at work on a couple more ads.

Thanks for the feedback, Russell.

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