Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What the....Another Archivist Ad?

Librarian Dude: Hello, I’m a Librarian.

Archivist Guy: And I’m an Archivist.

LD: Archivist, I am so glad you’re here. I’m just about to unveil the library’s new welcome sign.

AG: “WELCOME TO THE LIBRARY.” Gee, that sign is very big and colourful. Patrons will see it from miles away.

LD: Well, that’s the whole point. When people see this sign, they will know that this is their library and they are welcome to drop by.

AG: Fascinating concept.

LD: I’m sure there are archivists who would be interested in such a sign. If you like, I can hook you up with the design—

AG: No, no, no, Librarian. We archivists don’t do marketing. No, no. We’re all about serious research. Serious research in the archives. Besides, if people really need us, they will find us. Eventually.

LD: Speaking of which, where are the archives located?

AG: Oh, that’s easy. Just go downstairs, turn left, then turn right. Walk down the hallway and go through the second door on the right. Not the first door now, the second door. Ask to be buzzed in and head straight down the hallway and turn right. You’ll see our office door there.

LD: You sure you don’t need a few signs with arrows?

AG: Nope.

LD: I could make a few if you--

AG: No, no, that’s fine. Just watch your head when you round that second corner.

[Fade to black]

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