Monday, October 06, 2008

Annoyed Librarian Sells Out, Reveals Motives not Identity

So the librarian collective known as the Annoyed Librarian has parted ways with Blogger and joined forces with Library Journal, where their new blog, called, well, the Annoyed Librarian, is hosted. The apocalypse is near, ladies and gentleman. Never mind the economic meltdown. This is a true sign.

Why did they leave? A lead writer explains:
I might have been bored with fame, but I'm never bored with fortune.
While the Annoyed Librarian collective sells out to the Man, in their own words, and seeks fortune more than fame (heck, I'd love some fortune cuz these Google Adsense ads ain't paying me squat [c'mon folks share some click love]), they nonetheless have not revealed their true identities.

What a crock!

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