Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Apartment, Commute, Weather, You Tube

According to the clock on the wall (actually, the clock on the laptop), it is 4:30 p.m. I took my administrative leave this afternoon. I went to the apartment where I hope to stay for the next 12 months and submitted my rental application. I feel as though this is some kind of test.

I am hoping that, by this time next week, I will have moved in to this place and one stress will be off my shoulders.

Earlier in the day, as I walking to work along with other Washingtonians, I noticed several large Greyhound-type coach buses zooming up and down the city streets. Judging from the side signage or digital signage above the windshield, many were from out of town. Some were from Maryland, parts of Virginia; others had destination signs with "State Department" and "Pentagon." It seems to me that a lot--a heck of a lot--of people live outside of DC and commute to and from work every morning and every evening.

The weather is amazingly warm. Almost summer. People tell me that DC is part of the South. I thought it was part of the North. Regardless, I was sweating in my fleece jacket. Tomorrow I may just wear a light windbreaker.

God Bless You Tube. I'll spare you the details of the old music videos I tracked down, but what a "Digital Archive" and "Time Capsule" and "Memory Lane" that website turned out to be.

Note to self: Emotion + Web = Good Experience


Archivalist said...

Weather-wise, DC is more a part of the South than the North. (Native Virginian here.) Expect mucho humidity in the summers (at SAA last year, in August, temps reached 105, although that was a bit crazy even for summer) and lots of changeability in the weather. You will get four seasons as well, which is more than I can say for my new home (Maine).

Archivalist said...

Weather-wise, DC is more the South than the North (native Virginian here). Expect mucho humidity in summer (during SAA last year in August it reached 105, but that was a bit crazy even for summer) and lots of changeability in the weather. You will enjoy the four seasons tho, which is more than I can say for Maine.

dkemper said...

Today we had rain. Tomorrow we're headed back to colder temps. Lots of changeability!

Jill Hurst-Wahl said...

During the Civil War, Maryland wanted to be part of the South (if I remember my history correctly). At any rate, D.C. is below the Mason Dixon line (which divides the North from the South). As an African American, I can tell you that D.C. and Maryland have acted a lot like the deep South in attitude, even when I lived in College Park and Greenbelt in the early 1980s. I hope the area has changed totally, but I suspect not.

Archivalist is totally correct about the humidity. You will sweat a lot this summer!

dkemper said...

Well, it's settled. I'm living in the South. So far I haven't felt much of the heat, but I suspect that will change as the months progress.

Heat and humidity. I thought I was leaving that behind...

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