Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just another (rainy) day in Washington

My boss told me I should have a beer. Instead I had tea. Even if I had a palette for Budweiser or Miller, I would not even be able to afford either of them. Payroll screwed up my account number and thus no money was deposited into my account. Couple that incident with the fact that my rental application package still needs more forms to fill (unending list of forms), I did not have such a wonderful day. The rain that fell hard on DC this afternoon sort of summarized the day.

Drenched, I cleaned up and dried up and made some Red Rose Tea. Nothing beats tea on a rainy day, if you ask me. That and listening to SomaFM, as I am doing right now.

(NOTE: For those lucky enough [or unlucky enough, depending on how you look at it] to have Windows Vista installed on your desktop or laptop, there are several cool gadgets [i.e. widgets] that pull in data from various sources, including SomaFM and Weather Bug.)

Let's hope for a better tomorrow.

Note to self: Why do I hear in my head James Brown's "Living in America" each time I walk up and down these DC streets?

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