Saturday, March 31, 2007

Weekends in DC

When the weekend arrives in Washington, there are two things that occur: 1) the business side of DC shuts down and 2) the tourist side kick starts in full motion.

Today was the official beginning of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, a yearly event in DC that celebrates the cherry blossom trees which were given as a gift from Japan to the United States back in 1912. The entire history is rather fascinating.

There were crowds around the Washington Monument, many of them were flying kites, I noticed. I guess this must be a tradition. And of course there were the cherry blossom trees surrounding the tidal basin, which is located just south of the Mall. The Jefferson Memorial is also located near the basin. People from all over the world--Asia, South East Asia, Europe--were there; their din of foreign languages added to the wonderful mix of activity.

I am most grateful for the weekends. Not only does the city take a breather, but I too take a breather from a busy week of work.

Speaking of work, I have 3 projects that I am focusing on: 1) Archives Management System (AMS) replacement (I don't have much experience in this particular area, but the team seems ready to roll up their sleeves); 2) Digitization of text and photographs (I have hands-on experience here but this time around I'll be in a supervisory role); and 3) Digital Preservation and Management Program (this will probably build on my digitalpermanence experience. Remember digitalpermanence, folks?).

Tomorrow, April 1, will make it one month since I arrived in Washington, DC. Wow!

Watching Incubus' new single, Dig, on You Tube. Interesting story behind the video.

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