Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bureaucracy and Bedtime

I really should be in bed by now.

Tomorrow (that is, Wednesday) I have a full day of business. In the morning, it's work, more introductory meetings, more new stuff to get acquainted with, and faces whose names still evade me for a two second delay right after saying hello. I still feel very out of place in this behemoth bureaucracy. And I thought McGill had a lot of red tape.

In the afternoon, I am taking what is known around here as Administrative Leave. It is time off meant to be used to settle in - i.e. find housing, take care of business mostly associated with becoming a temporary resident of a foreign country.

That's nice and welcomed.

I am currently residing in a furnished hotel until I find an apartment. I have an eye out on a particularly well-priced apartment just outside the downtown core. I hope I get passed the insane rental application procedures. The only thing left for me to disclose to these landlords is blood type or a set of fingerprints!

Ever since I bought this Acer Travelmate 3260 notebook, I have been glued to the Web more than ever. The hotel provides free Internet access so that does not help at all.

I'm going to pay for these late hours. Time for bed, folks.

Good Night National Cathedral, which I see from my window.

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